Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Last Rugby Tournament

            The weekend before last I went to Busan for my last rugby tournament. It was our best showing as a team I had a great time playing with the boys.  After watching and practicing a lot of rugby I finally began to take that knowledge and apply it at gamespeed.  For example, we were playing Busan and their outside centre, outside linebacker-ish, kept jumping to come after me and cut inside.  Well, our flyhalf, comparable to a point guard, a New Zealander, saw that last week and told the inside center to loop me and break the line. I knew to cut inside and draw the aggressive defender with me, freeing the looping IC. Loui, the flyhalf, kicked a perfect grubber, a bouncing forward pass, the IC looped me, I cut inside drawing my defender, the IC easily broke the line and scored a beautiful try.  The best part was the defender who followed me realized when Loui kicked the ball what happened and said, "Oh F*&k."  Game over.

Waiting to sub in.

Flyhalf getting ready to throw the ball.

And there he goes.

Filling my channel.

A fantastic day of rugby with some solid blokes. I couldn't have asked for a better team to join, nor wished for more support from the experienced guys.
            Afterwards we cleaned up, I went to the same hostel, Wow Guest House, I stayed at during Lunar New Year, we went out to enjoy St. Paddy's and watch some 6 Nations Rugby.  For a great video showing the highlights of the day click on this video link:  Jeonnam Aliens.  I make my appearance from 3:45-4:10.
            I will miss the guys and playing very much.  I'm lucky to have learned how to play a great game from the people who spent their whole lives playing it.  If rugby had been in East TN when I was growing up, I wouldn't have played anything else.  Be sure to check out the team's website:  Jeonnam Rugby.
            Here are some links for proper rugby sites:  Rugby Dump, Rugby Buzz, ESPNScrum and PlanetRugby to start.

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